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We offer EAL & T sessions tailored to your needs for individuals or small groups (up to 6 individuals) using games, challenges and discussion in a friendly environment. 

Sessions have been developed from the works of Susan Jung M.ED.EDS., Dixie Cowles M.ED. Charisse Rudolph and Ruth M. Buczynski, PhD among others. The horses are experienced in working in these sessions and provide an invaluable connection without confrontation or judgement.

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The areas covered are:

  • Safety around horses and basic equine handling skills
    Interactions and being with the horses
  • Awareness of body language and breathing skills
  • Appropriate expression of feelings
  • Communication skills
    Understanding responsibility, trust and friendship
  • Building self confidence
  • Problem solving
  • Interactions and being with the horses
  • Understanding responsibility, trust and friendship

Ensuring best outcomes

Sheridan will work with your psychologist or counsellor to develop the most appropriate activities for therapy sessions to ensure the best outcome. During therapy sessions your support psychologist or counsellor must be in attendance (their costs are not included in Sherony Park’s fee).


Private sessions are available as one offs or as a program. Families, couples or friends experiencing issues may also book for a program or session.

Schools are welcome to bring groups of students with challenges such as truancy, self harm, communication issues and lack of self confidence.

Contact Sheridan on 04 222 444 33 to discuss your needs.

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